fap_packet_t Struct Reference

APRS packet type. More...

#include <fap.h>

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Data Fields

 Error code.
 Packet type.
char * orig_packet
 Exact copy of the original packet, if such thing was given.
unsigned int orig_packet_len
 Length of orig_packet.
char * header
 Header part of the packet.
char * body
 Body of the packet. No null termination.
unsigned int body_len
 Lenght of body.
char * src_callsign
 AX.25-level source callsign.
char * dst_callsign
 AX.25-level destination callsign.
char ** path
 Array of path elements.
unsigned int path_len
 Number of path elements.
double * latitude
 Latitude, west is negative.
double * longitude
 Longitude, south is negative.
 Position format.
double * pos_resolution
 Position resolution in meters.
unsigned int * pos_ambiguity
 Position ambiguity, number of digits.
char dao_datum_byte
 Datum character from !DAO! extension. 0x00 = undef.
double * altitude
 Altitude in meters.
unsigned int * course
 Course in degrees, zero is unknown and 360 is north.
double * speed
 Land speed in km/h.
char symbol_table
 Symbol table designator. 0x00 = undef.
char symbol_code
 Slot of symbol table 0x00 = undef.
short * messaging
 Zero for no messaging capability, 1 for yes.
char * destination
 Destination of message.
char * message
 The actual message text.
char * message_ack
 Id of the message which is acked with this packet.
char * message_nack
 Id of the message which was rejected with this packet.
char * message_id
 Id of this message.
char * comment
 Station, object or item comment. No null termination.
unsigned int comment_len
 Length of comment.
char * object_or_item_name
 Name of object or item in packet.
short * alive
 Object or item status. 1 = alive, 0 = killed.
short * gps_fix_status
 Zero if GPS has no fix, one if it has.
unsigned int * radio_range
 Radio range of the station in km.
char * phg
 TX power, antenna height, antenna gain and possibly beacon rate.
time_t * timestamp
 Timestamp of the packet in unixtime.
short * nmea_checksum_ok
 NMEA checksum validity indicator, 1 = valid.
 Weather report.
 Telemetry report.
char * messagebits
 Message bits in case of mic-e packet.
char * status
 Status message. No 0-termination.
unsigned int status_len
 Amount of bytes in status message.
char ** capabilities
 Capabilities list. Indexes 0, 2, 4, ... store keys and 1, 3, 5, ... the values (or NULL if the key has no value).
unsigned int capabilities_len
 Amount of capabilities in list.

Detailed Description

APRS packet type.

Definition at line 240 of file fap.h.

Field Documentation

Station, object or item comment. No null termination.

Here's a difference between Perl module and C library. Perl module removes whitespace characters from beginning and end of the comment. C library returns comment exactly as seen in original packet.

Definition at line 311 of file fap.h.

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