fap_wx_report_t Struct Reference

Weather report type. More...

#include <fap.h>

Data Fields

double * wind_gust
 Wind gust in m/s.
unsigned int * wind_dir
 Wind direction in degrees.
double * wind_speed
 Wind speed in m/s.
double * temp
 Temperature in degrees Celcius.
double * temp_in
 Indoor temperature in degrees Celcius.
double * rain_1h
 Rain from last 1 hour, in millimeters.
double * rain_24h
 Rain from last day, in millimeters.
double * rain_midnight
 Rain since midnight, in millimeters.
unsigned int * humidity
 Relative humidity percentage.
unsigned int * humidity_in
 Relative inside humidity percentage.
double * pressure
 Air pressure in millibars.
unsigned int * luminosity
 Luminosity in watts per square meter.
double * snow_24h
 Show depth increasement from last day, in millimeters.
char * soft
 Software type indicator.

Detailed Description

Weather report type.

Definition at line 177 of file fap.h.

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